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Meet The Agave Rio Team

Steve Livingston
Steve LivingstonManaging Partner
Agave Estates is truly a magical place. In addition to the beauty of the venues there’s an equally attractive beauty that lies in the events we host, which consist of guests from around the world and a team that is eager to serve. There’s a spirit within our organization that inspires each member to do their part as if they were helping a close friend, and it’s that spirit that makes the magic.
Eric Aldis
Eric AldisExecutive Chef
I am really excited about being a part of Agave Rio,” said Aldis. “I grew up in Katy and recently moved my family back to the area. Being able to create a family-friendly restaurant, with a great atmosphere and even better food is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now. The entire grounds at Agave is truly an escape from what we are used to in Katy. It’s the perfect place to gather for dinner, celebrations, and everything in between.
Shelton Craig
Shelton Craig
Karina Craig
Karina Craig
Chris Bosch
Chris BoschChef de Cuisine
Christina Dominguez
Christina DominguezEvent Coordinator
Working for a private company and seeing the owner’s passion and attention to detail gives me great pride in what I do. I find the property breathtaking and the work rewording. Being a home town Katy girl has given me an advantage in many ways but the number one thing I love about my job is working with the guest. Agave draws in some of the greatest people in the area, we are surrounded by wonderful neighborhoods and a strong community.
Amanda Bayer
Amanda BayerMarketing Director
Neil Gilbert
Neil GilbertRestaurant Manager